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Key Facts

  • Lewisham is the 31st most deprived Local Authority in England.
  • Relative to the rest of the country Lewisham’s deprivation is increasing
  • The highest deprivation is particularly found in Evelyn ward in the North and Downham in the South and along the A2 corridor.


The most widely adopted measure of deprivation in England is the Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD), currently issued by the Department of Communities and Local Government, and previously by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. The most recent version, IMD 20101, was issued in March 2011. Previous releases were dated 2007 and 2004. The IMD calculates values in 6 domains, Income Deprivation, Employment Deprivation, Health Deprivation and Disability, Education Skills and training Deprivation, Barriers to Housing and Services, Crime, and Living Environment Deprivation, and combines these into a single weighted index. The IMD is calculated at Lower Super Output Area (LSOA) level2, and issued at that level and aggregated to Local Authorities. According to the IMD 2010, Lewisham is the 31st most of the 326 Local Authorities in England. According to the IMD 2007 Lewisham was 39th most deprived, and according to the IMD 2004 was ranked 52nd of 352. This implies that, relative to the rest of England, Lewisham’s residents are getting poorer. Although the distribution of deprivation across Lewisham is uneven, with every ward having LSOAs in at least 4 Lewisham deciles of deprivation, there is less variation in Lewisham than in many other places. Of the 166 LSOAs in the borough, 38% are in the most deprived fifth of England, 86% in the most deprived two fifths, and only 1% in the lest deprived two fifths.

The following map shows the distribution of IMD 2010 in Lewisham by national quintile.



The following map shows the distribution of IMD 2010 within Lewisham by National Decile.


Small areas of the highest deprivation are found in Evelyn, Lewisham Central, Rushey Green, Whitefoot, and Bellingham wards. The two LSOAs with the lowest deprivation are in close proximity to areas very much more deprived.

The following map shows deprivation by quintile within Lewisham.


The following map show deprivation by decile within Lewisham.


Every ward includes LSOAs from at least four of the local deciles. The IMD 2010 has not been issued at electoral ward level. Calculation of the IMD 2010 at ward level will become possible when the Office of national Statistics issues population estimates for mid-2010 at LSOA level.



  2. LSOAs were defined geographically as part of the 2001 Census




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